Current Cases Premises Liability

$ 215,000
$215,000 Settlement – Man Steps on Nail Causing Serious Injury Due to Negligent Waterproofing Company

On July 4, 2015, our client was seriously injured when he stepped on a nail in his backyard. Our client had hired a waterproofing company to waterproof his basement. To do so, part of our client’s deck had to be removed so that workers could…

$ 115,000
$115,000 Settlement – Man Sustains Traumatic Brain Injury When Tree Limb Falls on His Head

In August 2014, our client sustained severe injuries when he was hurt while cutting down a tree. Our client was at his brother-in-law’s home when a large limb fell off the tree he was cutting from 40 feet above him, landing on our client. The…

Confidential Settlement – Man Sustains Serious Injuries When Tree Falls on Golf Cart at Country Club

In 2017, our client was playing golf at a country club when he was injured. As our client was driving a golf cart through the country club, a large tree limb cracked and fell on the golf cart, pinning and crushing our client in between…

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