Current Cases Premises Liability

$ 215,000
$215,000 Settlement – Man Steps on Nail Causing Serious Injury Due to Negligent Waterproofing Company

On July 4, 2015, our client was seriously injured when he stepped on a nail in his backyard. Our client had hired a waterproofing company to waterproof his basement. To do so, part of our client’s deck had to be removed so that workers could…

$ 150,000
$150,000 Settlement – Woman Suffers Broken Shoulder and Elbow Due to Fall at Apartment Complex

In 2016, our client sustained multiple injuries when she was injured at her apartment complex. As our client was entering her apartment building, she tripped and fell over a metal plate that had been improperly placed in the entryway. Immediately after the fall, our client…

$ 115,000
$115,000 Settlement – Man Sustains Traumatic Brain Injury When Tree Limb Falls on His Head

In August 2014, our client sustained severe injuries when he was hurt while cutting down a tree. Our client was at his brother-in-law’s home when a large limb fell off the tree he was cutting from 40 feet above him, landing on our client. The…

Confidential Settlement – Man Sustains Serious Injuries When Tree Falls on Golf Cart at Country Club

In 2017, our client was playing golf at a country club when he was injured. As our client was driving a golf cart through the country club, a large tree limb cracked and fell on the golf cart, pinning and crushing our client in between…

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