Current Cases Pedestrian Accident

$ 1,800,000
Grandmother and Grandchild Hit Head-On, Other Motorist Determined to have Been Intoxicated and Fetanyl in System at Time of Accident, Recovers $1,800,000 in Settlement

In April of 2021, our client and their grandchild were traveling on a frequented street. However, an oncoming vehicle went left-of center and struck our client and child.

$ 300,000
Client Struck by Vehicle Walking in Parking Lot, Receives $300,000 Policy Limits Settlement Without Going to Court

In the early afternoon of February 2021, our client was walking through a parking lot returning to their vehicle after shopping. Unknown to the client, a car was speeding through the parking lot with reckless abandon. Unfortunately, our client was struck by the vehicle without…

$ 250,000
$250,000 Settlement – Pedestrian Injured When Struck by Car

In June 2020, our client was a pedestrian who, despite having carefully entered a crosswalk, was hit by a car that turned left into the crosswalk as our client attempted to cross the road.

$ 250,000
$250,000 Settlement – Drive-Thru Worker Suffers Fracture and Undergoes Multiple Back Surgeries When Car Crashes Through Wall

Our client was working at the drive-thru window of a local hot dog restaurant when a negligent driver stepped on the accelerator and crashed through the wall of the restaurant, pinning our client between counters.

$ 131,031
$131,031 Settlement – Woman Sustains Injury to Spine and Shoulder in Slip and Fall Accident

While working a shift at a grocery store in Toledo, Ohio, our client sustained numerous injuries as a result of a slip and fall accident. A puddle of water had accumulated on the floor near a section of freezers, and it had been left unattended…

$ 100,000
Vehicle Strikes Client as Client was Turning Left, Suffers Wrist Fracture and Other Injuries, Boyk Attorneys Recover $100,000 Settlement

While lawfully turning left on a road in Toledo, Ohio, a motorist crossed the center line in an attempt to pass our client. However, as the other motorist began to illegally pass our client, our client engaged in a left turn, resulting in the other…

$ 100,000
Settlement – Man Rear-Ended Sustains Significant Shoulder Injury Requiring Surgery

On March 8, 2019, our client stopped at a red light on Talmadge Road, when he was read-ended by a man driving a Chrysler 300 who did not realize the light had turned red.  Our client went to St. Anne Mercy Hospital for evaluation and…

$ 100,000
$100,000 Settlement – Pedestrian Sustains Rotator Cuff Tear When He Is Hit By Car in Parking Lot

In 2017, as our client was leaving a pet store in St. Clairsville, Ohio and attempting to enter his truck, he was struck by the defendant driver, who hit him as she was trying to park. While initially our client did not think that his…

Confidential Settlement
Life Almost Lost: How A Hard-Working Father Fought To Survive

Our client was passing through an intersection in rural Hicksville, Ohio when a driver, operating a vehicle within the course and scope of his employer, failed to stop at a stop sign and smashed into the side of our client’s vehicle.

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