Bowling Green Traumatic Brain Injury Lawyer

A traumatic brain injury is when someone suffers from brain damage, usually after a violent blow to the head. A TBI is a complex injury with a broad spectrum of symptoms and disabilities. This type of injury can impact all aspects of one’s life, including personality.

If you or a loved one suffered a traumatic brain injury due to the negligence of another party, you might be entitled to compensation.

Reach out to a compassionate Bowling Green, OH traumatic brain injury lawyer today.

An injury attorney could help you recover the damages that you rightfully deserve.

Common Causes of Traumatic Brain Injuries

There are several ways that one can suffer a traumatic brain injury. Some of the most common causes include:

Some of the common symptoms of traumatic brain injuries could be that the individual does not have a normal heartbeat, unconsciousness, and seizures. For more information, reach out to a knowledgeable traumatic brain injury lawyer in Bowling Green.

What Mental and Physical Conditions Can One Suffer Following a TBI?

A traumatic brain injury can lead to severe mental and physical complications for the victim. Some conditions include the loss of brain function, substantial loss of IQ, change in personality, depression, anxiety, comprehension, and personality disorder. Psychological conditions could also include mood swings and post-traumatic stress disorder. Physical complications following a traumatic brain injury include vision problems, hearing issues, nerve root irritation, and paralysis.

Steps to Take After Sustaining a Traumatic Brain Injury

The first thing a person should do after suffering a traumatic brain injury is to seek immediate medical attention. They should be treated in an emergency room, get referred to a neurologist, and receive a medical diagnosis.

Depending on the type of traumatic brain injury, the injured individual might be referred to:

• An ophthalmologist if there are eyesight issues
• An audiologist or EMT if there are hearing problems
• An orthopedic surgeon if there are orthopedic issues

Typically, in a traumatic brain injury situation, the injured victim is going to see more than one type of doctor because the TBI is going to affect numerous bodily functions.

Importance of Seeking Medical Attention

Most of the time, when someone gets a traumatic brain injury, the symptoms get worse over time. Without neurological testing, like various CAT scans, PET scans, brain MRIs, physicians will not be able to understand and treat neurological issues.

Without a neuropsychological evaluation, physicians would have substantial problems dealing with both the psychological and cognitive injuries that people with traumatic brain injuries end up with. Therefore, it is critical for the injured person to get medical care as soon as possible and to also follow up with their doctors.

How a Bowling Green Traumatic Brain Injury Attorney Could Help

In order to protect their legal rights, a person suffering from traumatic brain injury should contact an attorney with experience handling traumatic brain injury cases. A seasoned legal professional will know who the best medical providers are in the region and at the national level. They would be familiar with all the different medical options and legal options available to a traumatic brain injury victim. A Bowling Green, OH traumatic brain injury lawyer could also fight for an individual’s right to compensation.

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