When drivers take to the road, they expect that everyone else adheres to the rules of law and follows the duty of care they owe to everyone on the road. However, this is not always the case. For the victim and their spouse, tragedy struck at the worst of moments and resulted in horrible, life-changing injuries. For the victim, the injuries claimed in the Bowling Green, OH case were able to compensate the victim for their medical expenses. Unfortunately, some losses were irrecoverable.

If you feel as though your accident was caused by the negligence of another, you need to contact an attorney.

Bowling Green’s Definition of an Injury

In Bowling Green, OH, an injury is regarded as any wrong or damage done to another that occurred as a result of tortious conduct. In this particular case, the injury was caused by an auto accident. Injuries in any car crash could include:

  • Bruising
  • Broken bones
  • Head injuries
  • Scarring
  • Death

Unfortunately, in this case, the injury resulted in the death of the victim’s spouse.

The Effects of the Crash and the Loss of a Spouse

The most serious injury was the death of the client’s spouse. However, there were other injuries sustained by numerous other parties.

These injuries included both physical harm and psychological suffering. The passing of the victim’s spouse caused the client a tremendous amount of mental anguish as he was also in the car during the crash. The client’s last memory of the deceased was talking to their spouse immediately after the wreck. That is one of the worst possible ways to deal with the death of a loved one.

The client suffered serious physical injuries along with the psychological injury and having to deal with the stress and the emotional trauma of the death of a spouse when one is in the car. The client did everything possible and nothing wrong. They were not responsible in any way for the accident. They were driving their spouse to a job that morning because of the dangerous road conditions. The victim did not feel safe allowing their spouse to drive alone to work, so the victim volunteered to do so. Unfortunately, while they drove safely, the other driver drove recklessly based on the circumstances.

The Role of the Doctors in Determining the Client’s Injuries

The client was treated by a family doctor, the emergency room, and an orthopedic surgeon to deal with the various injuries. The only other doctor involved in the situation was the corner dealing with an autopsy and the cause of death for one victim.

The orthopedic surgeon wrote a report detailing the injuries and the impact of the physical pain level on the victim’s day to day activities.

How Medical Documentation Assisted the Claim

The injuries were documented through specific orthopedic tests that showed both objective and subjective findings by the orthopedic surgeon on the client and by the specific testing done during the autopsy by the coroner.

For the late spouse, the coroner issued a ruling and an autopsy report that was used in the civil case and the criminal case against the defendant driver. The orthopedic surgeon detailed the medical findings of the injuries to the surviving victim that were used in the civil case.

Contact a Legal Representative Today

For many people, driving is a necessity. Unfortunately, there is little drivers might do to prevent another person from acting negligently. In the client’s case, a driver chose to neglect the rules of the road, acted recklessly, and caused serious physical and emotional harm to others.

If you feel that another driver caused your injuries because of their neglect, then you may want to consider retaining the services of a legal representative who could help you file a claim. While compensation may not replace the losses you have suffered due to another, it could be the first step in holding negligent parties accountable for their actions. Reach out to a personal injury representative today to start your confidential consultation.

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