WTOL Highlights The Clyde Cancer Cluster Lawsuit

WTOL News highlighted the Clyde Cancer Cluster press conference during their May 15thbroadcast. The news source explained how the families in the cluster allege that dust samplings conducted in the attics of their Clyde homes in March revealed elevated levels of benzaldehyde.

During the press conference, Warren Brown, a father of one of the children who passed away from cancer, spoke to the media. “The filing of the suit against the likely producer of this compound is to give Whirlpool the chance to test our attics and then step up, clean them up, and in addition, make right the wrong that has been committed against our community.” Warren told his daughter before she died that he would find out why and how she got sick, and that he “would not relent until every door and window was nailed so tightly shut that it could not be open.”

WTOL stated that benzaldehyde is defined as a hazardous substance by the EPA, and this substance was found in every home that was tested in eastern Sandusky County.

The families of the Clyde Cancer Cluster have filed a lawsuit against Whirlpool Corporation. The lawsuit claims that the unusual levels of benzaldehyde is the cause of the children in the area developing cancer and other sicknesses.

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