Wrongful Death Lawsuit For Loved One

Wrongful Death Lawsuit For Loved One

Wrongful death is a very hard thing to deal with. As wrongful death lawyers, our office has helped many families file wrongful death claims. While it is a very difficult time for the family as they have just lost a loved one, we believe that by offering sympathy and understanding their situation, we in turn help the family through this difficult time.

One of the ways that we make the process much easier for family members going through a wrongful death claim is that we take over communication for them when it comes to the lawsuit. We handle the communication with the insurance company so the family does not have to field ongoing calls and we are able to take stress off of the family’s shoulders since they know a professional is handing everything.

We believe that we allow the family to focus on what is important – mourning the loss of their loved one and spending time with those who matter. Wrongful death claims can be very confusing and overwhelming, but since our office has handled countless cases and is very familiar with the process, we are able to make it much more efficient for the family.

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The wrongful death lawyers at our office can also prove the relationships that family members had with the decedent, allowing each individual to receive the full amount of compensation that they deserve. There are various times of compensation available based on the relationship that the individual had with the decedent. We have listed them below:

Loss of Support – the lost earning capacity of the decedent had they not died.

Loss of Services – the loss of services available to the beneficiaries (i.e. day care services if the decedent watched over the grandkids).

Loss of Society – the loss of things such as companionship, care, guidance, education and assistance, among others, that the decedent may have provided.

Loss of Prospective Inheritance – the loss of inheritance the beneficiaries would have received had the decedent lived a full life.

Mental Anguish – the pain that a beneficiary feels because of the loss of their loved one.

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If you have lost a loved one in an accident that was caused by another person’s negligence, call our wrongful death lawyers at 800.637.8170. We can help to guide you and your family through the wrongful death claim process and ensure that you receive the compensation that is deserved for the wrongful death of your family member.

We also recommend ordering a free copy of The Ohio Wrongful Death Book to serve as a guide throughout the process and to allow you to better understand what a wrongful death lawsuit consists of. Request your copy when calling into our office.

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