Compensation From Wrongful Death Lawsuit

Compensation From Wrongful Death Lawsuit

What types of compensation do I receive in a wrongful death lawsuit?

If you lose a family member in a wrongful death incident, there are various types of compensation that you can receive. Each type of compensation depends on the type of relationship that you had with the decedent.

Another important thing to remember is that every case is different so the resulting compensation for family members in a wrongful death lawsuit can vary.

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Different Types of Compensation in Wrongful Death

Loss of Support – the lost earning capacity of your loved one had they not died. There are various factors taken into account such as salary and earning expectancy.

Loss of Services – compensation for loss of services are available to beneficiaries. An example of a service would be if the decedent provided daycare for her daughter’s children. The daughter would be able to seek compensation for the money it costs her to secure daycare.

Loss of society – compensation for things such as loss of companionship, care, assistance, protection, advice, guidance, and education that may have been provided by the decedent is available to the beneficiaries.

Loss of prospective inheritance – compensation can be sought for the loss of inheritance they may have received if the decedent had lived a normal lifespan.

Mental Anguish – mental anguish refers to the pain someone feels due to the loss of their loved one.

As you can see, the types of compensation that are available in a wrongful death lawsuit can become very specific to the relationship that you had with the individual.

We advise anyone who has lost a loved one due to wrongful death to contact a lawyer as soon as possible. By hiring a lawyer soon after the death, the family can know that an experienced professional is fighting on their behalf to ensure that they receive the compensation that they deserve.

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