Workplace Retaliation For Injury

In the past decade, the number of workplace injuries reported has fallen 31%. Although initially, this sounds like an excellent improvement, a growing number of workers are saying that this is not because of a reduced amount of people getting hurt, but because companies are retaliating against them for reporting injuries. In the past year alone, 100 cases have been decided that involved retaliation for workers’ compensation claims on both the federal and state level.

OSHA has been-been taking a tougher role with employers and telling them that too many injuries have been going unreported. They also have been swift to remind employers that federal law bars them from retaliating against employees for reporting injuries. OSHA has advised employers against offering bonuses or prizes for meeting safety goals if they will deter workers from reporting injuries.

With the economy the way it has been and with many people who had previously been out of work, they have been bullied into not reporting injuries for fear of losing their job. Some employers have responded to injuries by telling the employee that is was their fault and that they will be penalized while other workers don’t ever report because they are too afraid.

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