Why Is The Number Of Fatal Crashes In Area Increasing?

Both Sandusky and Seneca counties experienced an increase in the number of fatalitiesthat resulted from crashes in 2013. There was a total of 20 fatalities from vehicle accidents, six of which were in Sandusky County and 14 in Seneca County.

This is somewhat of a significant increase as Sandusky County saw four crashes resulting in four fatalities in 2012, compared to the 20 fatalities in 2013. Seneca County increased from 10 fatalities in 2012 to 14 fatalities in 2013.

In Sandusky County, driving left of center was the cause of three out of four crashes. Our office has written about the dangers of this, highlighting accidents in which this was the cause.

Just recently, a very serious accident that injured two individuals on Ohio 4 was caused when a woman drove left of center, striking another vehicle head-on. Both vehicles then spun off of the road and there were serious damages reported.

There was also a blog post we wrote in October 2013 highlighting two fatal crashes caused by driver’s drifting left-of-center. One crash was on State Route 83 in which a Chevy Trailblazer drove left-of-center and struck a Honda Civic, and another where a Saturn SL2 drove left-of-center and struck a Chevy Cobalt. Both accidents resulted in fatalities.

Fatal Accidents in Sandusky County

The Fremont News Messenger highlighted four crashes that occurred in 2013 in their news article. One of these crashes was the very unfortunate Thanksgiving Day accident in which Andrew Gans, crashed into a van while traveling over 125 miles per hour, killing Wilbur and Margaret McCoy.

Fatal Accidents in Seneca County

The Fremont News Messenger also brought attention to 11 crashes in Seneca County that resulted in 14 fatalities. It was reported that two people were killed in the crashes were not wearing seat belts, two others were on motorcycles with the driver of the motorcycle being deemed at fault, and failure-to-yield was the case of six crashes. Speed was a factor in three fatal Seneca County crashes, and two more were caused by a driver going left-of-center.

Vehicle Accident Fatalities in 2014

There have already been 27 traffic-related fatalities in Ohio so far in 2014. In 2013, there were already 40 at this time, reported the Ohio Highway Patrol.

Our office hopes that Ohio is able to reduce the number of fatalities caused by vehicle accidents as we see firsthand the pain and suffering that such accidents can cause.

If you have lost a loved one in a vehicle accident due to another individual’s negligence, call our office.

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