Victim Of Ohio Truck Accident Receives Settlement

While all of the motor vehicle accidents handled by the Ohio car injury lawyers at the Charles Boyk Law Offices are devastating, those involving larger vehicles such as semi-trucks can be especially tragic. The sheer size of these vehicles creates not only a larger chance for an accident to occur, but also severe personal injuries as well.

Such is the case of Michael Edward Thorton, who was driving an 18 wheeler truck in Toledo on October 28th, 2009. After following the car ahead of him too closely, Thorton attempted to avoid rear-ending the vehicle and swerved into the opposite lane. Upon doing so, he ultimately crashed into another car that was traveling in its path.

As a result of the Ohio truck accident, the driver sustained back injuries, neck injuries, and fractured bones, amongst other serious injuries. In addition to being in excruciating pain, Thorton incurred thousands of dollars woth of medical bills as a result. Fortunately for Thorton, this case was settled outside of court for $875,000.

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