Two Injured In Richfield Township Auto Accident

One doesn’t need to be an experienced Ohio auto accident lawyer to know that safety should be a top priority anytime one gets behind the wheel of a motor vehicle. Failure to take even the most basic safety precautions into account, such as looking both ways before turning, can make all the difference in preventing gruesome car crashes that result in significant personal injury or even death.An example can be seen in a recent Richfield Township auto accident that resulted in the injury of two.

As Shane O’Neail was driving his vehicle, he pulled out in front of a Jeep Cherokee being driven by James Glaze around 9:55 a.m. on Brint Road. According to reports from law enforcement officials, both O’Neail and Eric Berg, a passenger of Glaze, were injured in the crash and were transported by helicopter to the nearby medical center for treatment.

Although no additional details have been released at this time, police are currently investigating the causes of this tragic collision. Currently, it is believed that a failure to yield to oncoming traffic and look both ways played contributing factors in this Ohio motor vehicle accident.

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