The Truth About Kidney Dialysis And Cardiac Arrest

Many patients awaiting a kidney transplant turned to kidney dialysis to help with their condition, specifically GranuFlo and NaturaLyte products. These two dialysis products were used in over 1,800 dialysis centers and were meant to balance the acid that is found in the blood of dialysis patients.

These products have now been recalled and are under investigations due to the unfortunate health effects they create.

GranuFlo and NaturLyte increase the risk for cardiac arrest in kidney dialysis patients due to high levels of bicarbonate, which causes serious heart attacks.

Although the company owning these products, Fresnius Medical, issued an internal statement in November of 2011, stating that they were aware of the increased risk for cardiac arrest, they failed to notify doctors or patients. It wasn’t until late March 2012 that Fresnius gave an “urgent product notification” describing the risks that GranuFlo and NaturLyte created for patients.

There are some patients that are now ineligible for kidney transplants due to their increased risk for cardiac arrest caused by GranuFlo and NaturLyte products. Our office wants to help those patients that were unknowingly put at a health risk by Fresnius Medical, and now face worsened health conditions due to these products.

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