Toledo, Ohio Motorcycle Accident Lawyers: Don’t Rush To Settle Your Claim

Toledo, Ohio Motorcycle Accident Lawyers: Don’t Rush To Settle Your Claim

Rushing into a settlement with an insurance company after an Ohio motorcycle accident injury could cause serious financial harm to you and family. Insurance companies often try to contact people who have been injured in an accident or the family members of those who have been killed within a few days of the accident in order to settle the claim quickly.

The money may look good at first when you’re lying in a hospital bed unable to work. The problem is that once you settle your claim, it’s settled forever. Even if you end up being more injured than you initially thought, you won’t receive more compensation.

You also likely have no idea what a fair settlement would be. An experienced Toledo, Ohio motorcycle injury accident attorney understands the many different factors that go into evaluating the value of your claim. Settling the claim too quickly could cause you and your family significant financial harm.

Do not be in a hurry to settle the case. Just inform the insurance adjuster that you’re going to consult with an attorney to make sure your rights are protected. They won’t like this, but just be firm and polite.

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