The Seriousness Of Concussions

If you have gone through the list of symptoms associated with concussions and believe that you or your child may be affected, contact your doctor.  When determining the seriousness of a concussion, the doctor will test for the ability to pay attention and learning and memory skills.In addition, they may conduct other tests assessing your problem-solving skills. The doctor will also test your strength, balance, coordination, reflexes, and sensation. Other tests may include a CT scan or an MRI.

Will I recover from my concussion?

The treatment for a concussion depends on how serious it is thought to be. Sometimes people have to stay in the hospital for observation and others can go home, but remain to be watched closely.

Recovering from a concussion depends on the individual. There are some long-term consequences that can affect the individual. These include the following:

  • Depression
  • Memory loss
  • Dementia
  • Problems concentrating
  • Headaches
  • Neurological problems
  • Personality changes
  • Dizziness
  • Aggression issues
  • Speech impediments
  • Impaired judgment

Contacting a Lawyer

If you believe your concussion was caused due to the fault of another individual, such as a car accident or a fight, you may be able to pursue legal action for compensation. Call our lawyers at to discuss the incident that caused the concussion and see if you can seek compensation for medical bills and your pain and suffering.

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