Teen Injured In Friend’s Car

As your child gets older, they will begin to be in situations that you cannot fully control. One of these situations is being a passenger in a vehicle driven by their friend – a teenage driver.

In Ohio alone, there were more than 14,000 16-17-year-olds responsible for vehicle crashes last year. Thirty-one of the crashes caused by these teenage drivers resulted in fatalities.

There are some steps being taken to attempt to reduce this very high number of crashes. Ohio teens have restrictions on passengers allowed in their car, as well as the use of technological devices. But, there are still instances in which teen drivers find themselves in very serious accidents, putting themselves and their passengers at risk.

On Sunday there was a very serious accident in Fremont that caused three teenage passengers to be listed in critical condition after the vehicle they were in rolled over during snowy road conditions. The 16-year-old driver of the vehicle that rolled over lost control of the car when the road became covered with drifting snow.

This accident served as a reminder that teenage drivers do not have the years of experience behind the wheel that adults do. If it is their first winter driving, they have never had to adjust their speed due to weather, or anticipate icy roads due to sub-zero temperatures. These are all things that drivers learn as they go, making it dangerous for teens.

My Teen was injured by their Friend’s Driving
If your teenager was the passenger in their friend’s car and were involved in an accident, causing them to become seriously injured, you should contact an attorney as soon as possible.

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There are several guidelines and rules when it comes to injury claims with minors. You will want to seek out an experienced child accident attorney to help you through the process, ensuring your child receives the financial settlement that will not only allow them to pay for their medical treatment, but also help them to be financially stable in the future.

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