Soccer Player Collapses, Doctor Sued In Wrongful Death

A doctor and his practice in Louisville, Kentucky are being sued in connection with the death of a nineteen-year-old. The lawsuit states that Bryce Turner received a physical in 2006 from Dr. Paige and the results showed that he had a heart murmur. In spite of this, Bryce was given the go-ahead to play sports, even though his condition could be life-threatening. Dr. Paige failed to notify Bryce’s parents of the condition as well. The doctor sent a letter in July of 2006 to the parents stating that their son was fit to play sports. Nowhere in the letter does it mention that he had found thickening of the heart muscle.

The incident happened on March 16, 2009 when Bryce was playing a recreational soccer game. He collapsed during the game and was rushed to the hospital where he was pronounced dead. He died from the thickening of his heart muscle. The doctor had a responsibility to notify the parents at the time of the physical about the results. Proper follow-up treatment should have also been set in place after the initial physical.

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