Safety Tips For Summer Swimming

Attorney Charles Boyk, a member of The Josh Project’s Board of Directors, wants to share safety tips to parents and children in efforts to save lives this summer.

As reported by the Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC), children under the age of five represent more than 75-percent of all pool and spa submersion deaths. Children ages 15 and younger represent 78-percent of pool and spa submersion injuries in the United Sates. With these startling statistics, we find it imperative to play a role in sharing tips on summer swimming safety with the community.

As the CPSC Chairman, Inex Tenebaum stated, “The lives of countless children can be saved this summer. Take simple safety steps today – teach all children to swim, put a fence around all pools, and always watch children in and around the water.” By helping to spread awareness and educate friends and family in the community, you have the opportunity to save lives.

One Toledo nonprofit organization, The Josh Project, has a mission to build basic swimming skills and develop knowledge of water safety to save lives. They recently released a graphic that will be shared throughout the community with the below safety tips:

  • ALWAYS actively watch children when they are in or near water
  • Teach children to NEVER go around water unless they are with an adult
  • Learn to swim and NEVER swim alone

By teaching parents and children basic swimming safety tips, we are confident that many lives can be saved. For more information on water safety and how you can become involved in the efforts to help children in our community, visit The Josh Project’s website.

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