Injured Times Magazine: How A Personal Injury Case Works

Our office believes that knowledge is power in terms of our personal injury clients and that’s why we inform them of exactly how we plan to handle their case. The process begins with an initial consultation in which one of our attorneys will discuss the case in detail, making sure the client is fully informed. Clients are given the contact information of their attorney, the office’s legal staff, and any other employees that will be handling their case. We believe that clients should be able to discuss their case at all times, not just during normal business hours.

Case Investigation

Our full team of attorneys, experienced paralegals, legal assistants, and medical record analysis will investigate and gather information pertinent to your case, including the below reports and records:

  • Police reports
  • Witness interviews
  • Medical records
  • Prepare affidavits
  • Take depositions

Our office assures clients that we will perform all of the latest research methods to help back our cases up. The task of legal research is always performed by our highly trained attorneys and never assigned to paralegals or other staff members.

Dealing with the Insurance Company

Our office contacts the at-fault party’s insurance company on our client’s behalf, making things easier for them by:

  • Notifying the insurance company of the claim
  • Determining any relevant issues
  • Informing the insurance company that the client is being represented by legal counsel
  • The above steps were taken by our office prevent the insurance company from further bothering our clients.

After our team compiles all of the medical bills and records associated with the personal injury case, we send a settlement brochure to the insurance company. This brochure details our client’s injuries states how those injuries have adversely impacted their life, and demands fair compensation be given. The next step is for the insurance company to accept the demand or, more often than not, make a counter-offer. This is the point when the attorneys will work with the insurance company to ensure that the client receives the maximum recovery that they deserve.

Medical Treatment

If our clients are in need of a doctor, we can refer them to a respectable medical provider to help with recovery. We also negotiate with medical providers to reduce the amount our clients owe for medical bills, as well as receive regular updates on our client’s progress throughout the treatment process.

Settling Cases

Our attorneys keep clients in the loop and informed of any new offers that are made in an attempt to settle their case. At the time of resolution, we provide clients with a full explanation of all case expenses, medical expenses, and legal fees so they are able to see exactly how much money they’ll receive from the settlement offer or jury verdict. At the direction of the client, we then use a portion of the settlement or jury award to pay outstanding medical bills or health insurance liens.

If a settlement is not reached between the two parties, we consult our clients on whether or not to file a lawsuit. If a lawsuit is filed, we then help clients to respond to discovery requests which include interrogatories, requests for production of documents, and requests for admission. We also help our clients prepare for their deposition, conduct a deposition of the defendant and key witnesses, consult with our clients to prepare them for trial, and remain by their side throughout the trial process. We perform all of the above duties while protecting our client’s rights and fight for fair compensation.

After Cases

After a case is completed, we ask our clients to grade our performance and give feedback regarding their experience with our office. We also stay in touch with past clients by sending monthly newsletters and periodic legal information that may be of interest to them.

We are dedicated to our clients for life and encourage them to come to us with any legal questions or concerns that they may have.

If you have been involved in an accident and are seeking a personal injury attorney, call our office at 800.637.8170. Our office is committed to our clients and will follow all of the above steps to help receive maximum.

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