Ohio Medical Malpractice Lawyer For Nerve Damage During Surgery

One area of medical malpractice that our office has seen is from clients who have suffered nerve damage as a result of their surgery. Although with there are risks that are involved every surgery, many times a patient will sustain permanent damage not because of a surgery risk, but because of the negligence of the surgeon and failing to timely treat those complications after surgery.

Medical malpractice lawsuits can be a confusing process to navigate and there are many laws. There are some instances where people may think that they have a case and, in fact, there is no real way to pursue it. It is important to remember however, that a patient signing a consent form prior to the surgery does not make a surgeon not liable for negligence committed during the procedure.

There are some risks associated with surgery, but if you feel as if your injuries go above and beyond those stated risks, you should contact an attorney to review your case. Below is a list of symptoms of nerve damage after surgery:

  • Burning pain, which is called neuropathic pain, and is sometimes experienced after a nerve surgery.
  • Changes in walking patterns or difficulty walking properly.
  • If there is a nerve damaged during knee surgery, the patient may experience weakness in the feet or ankles.
  • 2 other types knee surgery nerve damage that can occur are drop foot and dragging toe.
  • There also might be feelings of numbness or tingling in a specific area.

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