Ohio Boy Recovering After Toledo Dog Bite Accident

As experienced Ohio accident attorneys with active children, the legal team at the Charles Boyk Law Offices knows just how easily kids can get into accidents resulting in serious injuries. This can be especially true when at a location that is unfamiliar to a youngster, or around unfamiliar things like family pets.

Such are the circumstances surrounding a recent Toledo dog bite injury case that resulted in the serious injury of one Ohio boy.

Last January, a three year-old boy was visiting a relative when he was bit by the family member’s dog. Immediately after the attack, the boy was taken to the hospital where he was treated for serious injuries in intensive care. Despite the youngster has a tough recovery and long road ahead of him, both his parents and doctors are optimistic–he will have to undergo multiple surgeries and have a lengthy hospital stay but medical professionals expect him to make a full recovery.

Cases such as these highlight the importance of adult supervision for small children, particularly when around unfamiliar pets or in new surroundings. If your child has been hurt in an animal attack, don’t hesitate to contact skilled Ohio dog bite lawyers immediately. In addition to assisting with the process of establishing liability, experienced legal counsel can assist victims in navigating insurance claims. Don’t wait to explore all your legal options, contact attorneys today!

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