Number Of Children Injured By Falling TVs On The Rise

Over the past 20 years, approximately 200,000 children have been treated at the emergency room for injuries relating to TVs falling on top of them. The number of children injured has continued to rise at a staggering rate. Most of these injuries have happened to children under the age of 5, with head and neck injuries being the most common.

The study, which was first published in the journal Pediatrics, shows that in 2011 12,300 children went to the ER for television-related injuries. This number compares to the report which shows that 5,455 children in 1990 were injured in TV-related injuries.

Safety experts are asking that parents take the extra precaution to ensure that their child does not become a victim of a TV fall injury. The most common cause of the TV fall is when a television is placed on top of a dresser and then the child uses the drawers to climb and reach the set. Parents are also asked to anchor furniture to the wall or floor with brackets or other tools specially designed tethers.

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