Motorist Killed In Toledo Auto Accident

There are few things more exciting than getting one’s driver’s license. Despite being a highly anticipated right of passage by all young adults, the Ohio car accident lawyers at the Charles Boyk Law Offices know all too well how dangerous of a privilege it can be. As the most inexperienced drivers on the road, young adults are more susceptible to being involved in life-changing crashes, often resulting in significant injuries or death.

Such are the circumstances seen in a recent Toledo auto accident that claimed the life of one Ohio man.

As 22-year-old Akeem Coon was traveling south on the Turnpike just outside of Toledo, he attempted to change lanes and lost control of his Pontiac G6 in the process. The vehicle swerved across the southbound lanes and hit the right metal guardrail, ultimately causing his car to flip over. Unfortunately, the impact from the crash was so severe that emergency medical crews pronounced Coon dead at the scene.

Although there are no additional details available at this time, law enforcement officials are currently investigating this case.

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