Lawnmowers Are Not For Kids

Children and lawnmowers never mix. On the days that you decide to manicure your lawn, make sure that your children, and any children who live near you, are safely playing indoors.  A lawnmower may seem harmless since it is a regular component of regular lawn care. However, these devices are most appropriate for use by adults only.  If you feel your child has reached an age where he or she is mature enough to handle using a lawnmover, then be sure to make sure the child is properly acquainted with the lawnmower before allowing the child to use it without parental supervision.  Here are some additional, important tips on how to practice lawn mower safety:Lawn mowers should not be operated by children younger than age twelve; for a ride-on mower, the operator should be at least sixteen years old.

Children should never be allowed to ride along as a passengers on ride-on mowers.

Do not allow children to modify blade settings; this is a job that should be strictly done by adults.

Young children should never be allowed near the mowing area while someone is actually mowing; all children should remain at a safe distance.
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