Findlay Auto Accident Leaves Three Injured

With extensive experience in the legal field, the Ohio injury attorneys at the Charles Boyk Law Offices can attest: life-changing accidents can happen at anytime, in any place. Often times, these collisions result in significant personal injury for those involved, and sometimes even death.

Such are the circumstances of a recent Findlay auto accident that resulted in the injury of three people.

While heading northbound on State Rt. 37 and Hancock County Road 180 on Friday afternoon, 40 year-old Jennifer Boucher’s SUV was struck by another vehicle. The second car was driven by Findlay resident, 38 year-old Nicole Barson. The impact caused Boucher’s vehicle to roll over into a ditch, trapping her inside the car. When emergency medical crews and law enforcement officals arrived on the scene, they had to free Boucher from the wrecked vehicle. Barson, Boucher, and the passernger in the SUV, Justin Boucher, all sustained injuries in the collision and were taken to Blanchard Valley Hospital in Findlay for medical treatment.

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