Fatal Car Accident Takes Lives Of Two Bowling Green State University Students

Changing weather patterns of snow and ice during the winter are often the cause of car accidents resulting in personal injury and wrongful death. Slick roads and poor visibility contribute to the failure to control a motor vehicle, many times resulting in a car accident.

Bad weather may have been a contributing factor in a fatal car accident that killed two Bowling Green State University students last night. The van they were riding in flipped over into a ditch during the accident. Seven students were traveling back to Bowling Green on an Indiana toll road near the Ohio border when the driver lost control of the vehicle, according to the Toledo Blade. It was confirmed that snow covered much of the expressway leading from Chicago, where the students were celebrating the New Year, to the point where the accident occurred, but police have yet to determine if weather was a contributing factor, according to the Blade.

Our Toledo, Ohio personal injury attorneys encourage drivers to be extra careful this winter while on the snowy and icy roads. Give yourself extra time to get to your destination and mind the posted speed limit signs. Travel at a rate of speed that ensures safety, even if it means traveling under the speed limit. Always wear your seat belt and remember that on snow and ice, a car cannot stop as easily as when on dry pavement, so give yourself extra distance from the car in front of you.

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