Families Of Clyde Cancer Cluster File A Lawsuit

Families Of Clyde Cancer Cluster File A Lawsuit

On Tuesday, May 14th, The Clyde Childhood and Whirlpool Park Cancer Cluster Families filed a lawsuit against the Whirlpool Corporation. The lawsuit was filed in the United States Ohio Western District Court, and a press conference will be held today at 10 am at our law office, as we are one of the law firms representing the Cancer Cluster Families.

Those in attendance will include some of the family members who have lost loved ones due to the Clyde Cancer Cluster. The results from the testing done by environmental experts hired by the families will be released at the press conference. Up to now, this information’s release had been delayed in order to provide the United States Environmental Protection Agency the opportunity to respond, which they have failed to do so. This information will be provided to the citizens of Clyde so they may respond appropriately to the findings.

The press conference will also include the recent discovery at a property adjoining the Whirlpool Park. A copy of the complaint will be provided to all in attendance, as well as other documents associated with the Clyde Cancer Cluster testing results.

The press conference will be held at the PNC Bank Building in downtown Toledo at 405 Madison Avenue. Visit the security desk upon arrival and you will be directed to the appropriate location.

Our office is happy to be playing a role in this case as we want to provide the citizens of Clyde the answers that they have been looking for. For more information on the Clyde Cancer Cluster, visit the Clyde Cancer Cluster page on our website which contains links to news articles, press releases, and interviews with the families affected by the cancer cluster.

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