Exotic Dancer Dies After Fall

The Accident

One week after falling at work, 22-year-old exotic dancer, Lauren Block, was confirmed dead at Cleveland’s MetroHealth Medical Center.

While performing a routine on January 2nd for a club attendee, Block fell from the second-floor balcony at Christie’s Cabaret.

The dancer was thought to have been attempting a specific move or jump when she fell, head first, over the railing.

Our thoughts and prayers go out to the Block family as they deal with this tragic accident.

Legal Issues Arising From This Accident

Several issues arise with an accident of this nature. Since the young woman was injured while on the job, it should be argued that her family should receive workers’compensation. There are also other matters to take into account, such as the dancer’s standard routine, the dancer’s ability to perform, among other employee standards. But, since the injury did occur in the scope of employment, workers compensation is a viable argument.

In accidents of this nature, the injured and their families are left wondering who is liable and what their legal rights are.

In most work-related cases, the worker is able to collect workers’compensation. On rare occasions, the injured can go directly after the employer to hold them liable.

In order to determine if you can hold an employer liable for the damages caused, you would need to consult with an Ohio work injury lawyer to discuss your options. In many cases, whether it is against the employer or collecting workers’ compensation, a work injury specialist will be able to help you navigate through the claim in order to secure you the settlement you deserve.

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