Education Needed On Vaginal Mesh Implants

While transvaginal mesh implants are meant to prevent incontinence and pelvic organ prolapse, many have caused women multiple health problems.

Originally thought to be a less-invasive solution for women, vaginal mesh implants are known for the complete opposite now. There is a host of problems that may arise from transvaginal mesh implants. Reports include infections, pain, and urinary problems including prolapse. The symptoms caused by vaginal mesh implants are not easily fixed and can cause women to accumulate additional medical bills and have a prolonged recovery process.

It is critical for women to know the symptoms associated with transvaginal mesh complications. If you have experienced pain and suffering since receiving the transvaginal mesh implant, contact our attorneys at 800.637.8170. There are thousands of lawsuits being filed against transvaginal mesh companies, and any woman whose health was put at risk due to the implant deserves compensation for the resulting damages.

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