Drunk Driving Crash Statistics On The Rise

Drunk Driving Crash Statistics On The Rise

A new infographic released today shows that drunk driving crash deaths in comparison to accidental deaths in the United States is extremely high. In this infographic you will see that drunk driving deaths amount to 9,878 deaths in 2011. When compared to the below accidental death numbers, it is significantly higher.

Accidental Death Statistics:

  • Lightning Deaths – 26
  • West Nile Virus – 43
  • Aircraft Deaths – 401
  • Tornado Deaths – 553
  • Handgun Murders – 6,220

The numbers are sobering and continue to soar. It is imperative that drivers think twice before getting behind the wheel after they’ve had a few drinks. The lives lost to drunk driving are unnecessary and we can only hope that they begin to decrease in the future.

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