Driver Killed In Rollover Drunk Driving Accident

While it goes without saying that safety should be a top priority anytime one gets behind the wheel, the Ohio accident attorneys at the Charles Boyk Law Offices know all too well how neglectful motorists can act. Whether it be using the cell phone or driving while intoxicated, anything that impairs the ability of one to safely operate a motor vehicle is highly likely to also cause serious personal injury or death as well.Such as the circumstances surrounding a recent Ohio drunk driving accident that resulted in the death of one.

As 26 year-old Aaron Boyle was driving his 2001 Ford Excursion on the interstate, he lost control of his vehicle and swerved left, ultimately rolling into a ditch below. Although emergency medical crews rushed to the scene of the crash, Boyle sustained fatal injuries in the collision and was pronounced dead upon his arrival at the nearby hospital. Luckily, Boyle’s passenger (who’s name was not released) only sustained minor injuries and was also treated at the local medical center.

While this case is currently under investigation by law enforcement officials, police believe that alcohol played a contributing factor to this rollover crash.


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