Child Safety Traveling To School

With a new school year in full swing, bus stops throughout neighborhoods are busy once again and the cross walks are filled every morning and afternoon. Many parents will bring their children to the bus stop in the morning to ensure they arrive safely and get on the bus, but not every parent has this luxury. Without the chance to physically accompany a child during their commute to the bus stop or school doors, some parents must make sure their child knows what they should and should not do on their own.

Always Use the Crosswalk

The first thing a parent must ensure their child knows is that they must never attempt to cross the street if they are not in a crosswalk. A parent should communicate with their child that they should walk on the sidewalks until they come to a crosswalk. By getting them into this habit during their commute to school, it will hopefully stick with them at all other times as well.

Be Seen

A child should also make sure that the bus driver or the crossing guard always sees them. By standing on the sidewalk or driveway until eye contact has been made with the adult, they can then wave the child across safely and further ensure that no other cars or the bus hits them.

Never Dart into the Street

The third thing a child must know for their school commute is to never dart in the street. Sudden movements across the street make it more difficult for motorists to see the child and stop in the appropriate amount of time. A parent must communicate with their child that even if they left something important (backpack, phone, lunch, etc.), they should never dart into the street, especially behind a parked car. Instead, they should continue walking at a normal pace to their destination. Motorists have a difficult time seeing small children, making it imperative for your child to be aware of traffic signs and crosswalks. A parent should teach their child that objects, such as a lunch or phone, can be replaced, whether it be that day or in the future. Their safety is more important than a material object.

If you are a parent of a small child who rides the bus or walks to school, please ensure that you have a discussion with your child about bus stop and crosswalk safety. If your child has been injured at a bus stop or during their commute to school due to the fault of a motorist or bus driver, call our Ohio bus accident attorneys at 800.637.8170. Our attorneys have experience with child accidents and can help you and your child navigate through the legal process, ensuring that the proper compensation is received for the injuries your child has sustained. Call today to ask any questions that you may have or to receive a free case evaluation.

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