Child Pedestrian Safety Part 3 Of 3

Here are some tips on how to keep your children safe while walking at any age:


  • Supervise them at all times
  • Teach by explaining
  • Teach by example
  • Praise them

Children ages 5- 10

  • Accompany them
  • Make sure they follow these rules when crossing the street:
    • Stop at a curb or the edge of the road, and only at a corner or intersection
    • Look left-right-left for moving cars
    • Walk, don’t run, when road is clear or all cars have come to a stop
    • Stay alert and keep looking for cars as you cross
  • Remind them to use their eyes and ears at all times
  • Teach them to obey all traffic markers

Children ages 10 and up

  • Choose their route to school
  • Make sure they use the sidewalk
  • Make sure they are visible

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