Charles Boyk Law Office: Helping Teens In The Community

The Charles E. Boyk Law Office has released a book that is geared toward teens. The purpose of this book is not to share legal advice like other content produced by the law office, but instead to simply share tips for success.

The formative teen years of an individual’s life are crucial in the development of who they are and who they will be. The Charles E. Boyk Law Office is sharing the book Success for Teens: Real Teens Talk About Using the Slight Edge. This resource is meant to help teens find the ways that they can make positive choices that will affect their lives. Every decision that a teenage makes helps to shape the life that they will have in their future, so the Boyk Law Office is happy to offer a resource that can help teens to make positive choices that will lead to personal accomplishments.

Resource for Parents of Teens

The Success for Teens book is currently available through the law office and comes with accompanying CDs to allow parents to join this journey with their kids and listen along to this powerful book. By tying in parents to the book, Success for Teens aims at sparking meaningful family conversations that will only further the growth and positive impact on the lives of teens in the community.

Success for Teens is not only meant for parents, but for teachers as well. This resource can help to further a teacher’s knowledge and connection to the youth they teach. With a goal of bettering relationships and the outcome of a young person’s life, our law office is happy to offer this resource to anyone who may impact the life of a teenager.

Success for Teens: Order Your Free Copy

To learn more about this powerful book and how it can help you or your teenager, visit the Success for Teens page on our website. You can fill out the form to receive a free copy for yourself and your teen that will help to not only better the conversation in the home, but pave a path of success for your teen.

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