Car Accident From Reduced Visibility Of Snow

Car Accident From Reduced Visibility Of Snow

Winter weather significantly affects the way Ohioans travel during the colder months of the year. Snow and ice can become so bad on our roadways that schools close, meetings cancel, and businesses shut down. Almost everyone from this state can recall the worst snow storm they experienced where they were barricaded indoors due to the snowy conditions outside.

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The Importance of Driving Defensively

Oftentimes though, Ohioans are able to deal with the snow and ice on the roads and make it to their destinations safely, but this requires some serious defensive driving and added time onto the commute.

When roadways are covered in snow or slick with ice, it is imperative to reduce speed and increase the distance between cars. This is an important component of what is referred to as defensive driving, which involves adjusting the way one operates their vehicle when other factors play a role, which could be weather or other driver’s unsafe habits.

If drivers fail to drive according to the conditions of the roadway and they end up causing an accident, they cannot blame the snow or ice that caused them to slide into another vehicle. Instead, they are to blame for their inability to change their driving to coincide with the conditions of the roadway.

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If you have cause a vehicle accident during winter weather because you were traveling too fast or not driving with increased distance between other vehicles, you are responsible for the damages, not Mother Nature.

Hit by a Driver Who Failed to Operate Vehicle According to Roadway Conditions

If you have been injured in an accident that occurred on a snowy roadway or during flurries when another driver failed to drive appropriately for the conditions, you should call a lawyer. If you suffered serious injury or damages from the accident, you may have a legitimate lawsuit that could result in a favorable settlement. By contacting an attorney as soon as possible, you can know the legal steps required for a lawsuit, and you can even receive a free case evaluation over the phone. Call our lawyers at 800.637.8170 to begin the legal process and be on your way to the compensation that you deserve.

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