Am I Responsible For An Accident Caused By Snow?


Am I Responsible For An Accident Caused By Snow?

We have entered the season in which winter weather affects drivers to and from work, school, or social outings. It is very important for drivers to remember how they must be defensive behind the wheel when seasonal weather affects the conditions of the roadway.

Some of the possible conditions that could be affected by heavy snow in the wintertime would be icy and slick roadways, reduced visibility due to flurries, and a generally dangerous roadway. It is important for drivers to remember safety tips for driving in unfavorable conditions, ensuring that they are not only keeping themselves and their passengers out of harm’s way, but also keeping others on the roadway safe.

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Can I blame the snow for my accident?

A question that our law office is asked a lot is whether or not a driver can be held responsible for an accident that occurs during winter weather such as snow-covered roads or flurries that affect visibility. The answer to this is that the weather can be a contributing factor to the cause of the accident, but an individual motorist is held responsible. This is why our office finds it extremely important to remind drivers that they must drive defensively and cautiously during winter weather conditions. Being cautious and adjusting your driving is one of the few ways that you can prevent yourself from causing an accident.

Driving defensively means reducing speed when the weather requires it, as well as keeping distance between your vehicle and others since ice and snow contribute to the possibility of you sliding into another vehicle. We also recommend cleaning off your entire car of snow and ice, including your lights, windows, and the roof and hood. When you start driving, the snow from your hood could fly up onto your windshield and result in an inability to see the roadway.

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Involved in an Accident Due to Snow

If you have been the victim of a winter weather accident in which another driver failed to act with caution and you suffered serious injuries or property damage as a result, it is imperative that you contact a lawyer. By hiring a lawyer to represent your case, you can focus on recovering while the lawyer takes care of the multiple legal steps that will help you to obtain the most favorable settlement possible.

To speak to the lawyers at our office, call 800.637.8170. We will not only review your accident with you giving you legal advice and answers, we will also give a free case evaluation, recommending the next steps that you should take. You can also order a free copy of The Ohio Accident Book that can serve as a resource throughout the legal process.

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