Boy Dies After Falling From Drop Tower Ride at Amusement Park

Boy Dies After Falling From Drop Tower Ride at Amusement Park

Orlando, Florida: On March 24, 2022, a 14-year-old boy died at ICON theme park. The boy was on ICON’s Free Fall ride, which it bills as the world’s tallest free-standing drop tower. The ride stands at 430-feet tall and holds 30 passengers that are tilted towards the ground before entering free fall at about 75 miles per hour.

This is the second death on an ICON ride in the last two years. ICON announced that it is now closing the ride indefinitely. The tragic matter is under investigation as it is not yet clear how the incident was permitted to occur.

The Dangers Associated with Amusement Parks

The Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) reports that every year, some 270 million people visit amusement parks and theme parks in the U.S. Of those, approximately 7,000 are treated at hospital emergency rooms due to some premises liability-related injury. There are an average of 4 to 5 deaths each year involving amusement park rides. More than half of all amusement park injuries are suffered by children, most between the ages of 10 and 14.

Some of the most common examples of amusement park injuries involve:

  • Mechanical failure of a ride;
  • Improper operation of a ride;
  • Defects in the design of the rides;
  • Failure to set or impose proper height and weight restrictions on all rides.

Amusement parks have a “non-delegable duty” to keep their properties and rides safe. If they fail and someone is injured as a result, they can be held liable to compensate that person and/or their family.

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