Bigen Hair Dye Lawyers

Bigen Hair Dye Lawyers

Bigen hair dye has given many consumers horrible reactions. There have been videos that have surfaced explaining the reactions experienced, including itching, swelling, welts and hives.

The lawyers at our office have helped victims of Bigen hair products after they have suffered reactions from this hair product. Bigen contains chemicals that can cause harm to an individual. The reactions experienced form Bigen can also occur either right away, or even 48 hours later.

Bigen Hair Color Victims Need to Seek Justice.

Reactions from Bigen

  • Scalps may blister
  • Hair can fall out
  • Swelling of the face
  • Severe pain
  • Black eyes
  • Swelling of the throat

Some of the ingredients in Bigen include the below:

  • Sodium Perborate – used in detergent industry
  • P-Aminophenol – used in black & white photos and film
  • Para-phenylenediamine (PPD) – toxic chemical banned in other countries

Bigen Hair Dye Causes Serious Reactions.

Some people may use Bigen and not experience a reaction, but then can possibly experience a reaction a second time. Bigen recommends taking an allergy or patch test before using their product, but many people do not think to do this simply to get their hair done. This can take several days and is not appealing to those who want their hair done at that moment.

After experiencing some of the negative reactions to Bigen, it is likely for someone to incur medical expenses from treating the reaction, as well as the pain and suffering that the injury brings with it. There is also the chance that the individual will take time off of work after such an injury, resulting in lost wages.

The lawyers at our law office recommend anyone who has suffered from Bigen hair products to contact a lawyer regarding their options. When you suffer such serious reactions due to a defective product, you deserve to seek justice. Our lawyers can help you to receive compensation for the pain you have gone through. While we are located in Ohio, we are able to handle Bigen cases from across the nation.

Call our office at 800.637.8170 today to receive guidance regarding the steps that you should take after suffering from Bigen hair dye. You will have the opportunity to speak directly with a lawyer and ask any questions that you may have.

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