Attempted Left Hand Turn Leaves Child Injured

On Tuesday a 7-year-old girl was injured in a car accident in Findlay, Ohio. According to the police report, 28-year old Andrea Fuller was traveling east on East Main Cross when she attempted to make a left hand turn onto the Martin Luther King overpass. Fuller pulled into the path of a car being driven by Marion Berry.

Witnesses to the crash say that Fuller did have the green light at the time. A passenger in Fuller’s car, Sherron Jones, was injured and taken to Blanchard Valley Hospital. There were also two other passengers in Fuller’s car that were not taken to the hospital for their injuries.

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If you’re a concerned parent you may be asking yourself what do I do if my child has been injured in an accident? It can be an extremely scary moment when your child is hurt in an accident but you must maintain a clear head and remember to follow the 5 steps.

The first and most important of those steps is to seek treatment immediately. The best thing for your child is to seek medical treatment as soon as possible and then for you to follow the doctor’s orders completely.

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