Accident On State Route 2 Causes Minivan To Rollover

The Accident

An accident on Sunday night resulted in an Amherst man’s minivan flipping over on State Route 2.

Phillip Munroe was driving westbound on State Route 2 near the turnpike on Sunday when another westbound vehicle made an improper lane change. The other vehicle, driven by West Virginia man Jackie Frazier, caused Munroe’s minivan to rollover after the vehicle was struck.

Munroe was released from the minivan after 20 minutes with the help of firefighters. Thankfully, Munroe was conscious and did not suffer life-threatening injuries. He was brought to Cleveland’s MetroHealth Medical Center and released later that night.

Further details are unavailable and no citations have been issued.

Legal Issues Arising From This Accident

In this accident, Mr. Frazier is likely to receive an Improper Lane Change citation. This means that he created a certain amount of risk to others on the roadways when changing lanes.

Unsafe lane changes can result in side, rear and front impact crashes. Other vehicles may hydroplane, lose control, or rollover. The at-fault driver may receive a citation, fine, or jail time as a consequence.

Free Accident Resources

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