7-Year-Old Alexander White Donates Birthday Presents To Help Nature’s Nursery Help Sick And Wounded Animals

Not many kids would think of using their birthday as a way to help wild animals in need.

But animal-lover Alexander White did not think twice before requesting that instead of bringing presents to his 7th birthday party on March 22, 2014, friends and family bring donations from Nature’s Nursery’s Wish List.

Alexander collected 25 items and an Amazon gift card for the center that helps sick and wounded wild animals. News station 13 ABC was so impressed with the first grader’s generosity that they captured on video his birthday visit to the Nursery and aired it on the nightly news last night.

“Ever since Alexander was three, he wanted to be a paleontologist,” Mom Cindy White said. “His newest aspiration is to be a marine biologist. He simply loves animals and wanted to help them on his birthday.”

Nature’s Nursery Executive Director Candee Ellsworth called Alexander’s donation “simply amazing.”

“To genuinely be worried about animals’ welfare, making sure they have what they need and we have what we need to care for them, means the world,” Candee said.

From all of us here at Charles Boyk Law Offices, we couldn’t be prouder of you, Alexander! Way to go! Toledo (OH) News, Weather and Sports

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