Toledo Dangerous Dog Classifications

If you or someone you know has been injured or hurt by a dog bite or dog attack, you need information. Contact our highly experienced Toledo dog bite lawyers to order your free copy of The Ohio Dog Bite Book. Learn more about Toledo dangerous dog classifications.

Up until May 2012, pit bulls had been considered a vicious breed in Ohio. With the law now changed, it has left some people wondering exactly what the law entails. You may be asking which dog breeds are considered to be the most vicious?

Categories of Dangerous Dogs

The Ohio dog bite law now outlines three categories of problematic dogs. These categories are nuisance, dangerous and vicious. Dogs that have been caught chasing or attempting to bite a person will carry the label of “nuisance.” Dogs that do actually bite a person, that  kill or injure another animal or if they are found loose on 3 separate occasions or more will be deemed “dangerous.” The last category if for vicious dogs. To be labeled vicious, a dog must seriously injure or kill a human, with the exception of the case being that the person is attacked after attempting to trespass or commit a crime on the owner’s property. Understanding these Toledo dangerous dog classifications can be crucial for building your case.

Laws Regarding Classifications

Here are the rules that are associated with these categories: owners of nuisance dogs may be ordered to get training and can also be charged with misdemeanor offenses. Owners of dogs that are labeled as dangerous or vicious must keep that dog locked inside or in an enclosed yard and is also required to post warning signs that there is a dangerous animal on the property. In public, the dog is not allowed to be on a tether longer than 6 feet in length and also must be muzzled. In the more serious cases, an owner may be forced to euthanize the vicious dog.

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