Steps to Take Following a Child Injury in Toledo

A parent’s worst nightmare is to think of their child being seriously injured. With a basic instinct to protect their children from any harm, it can seem horrific to imagine their child being involved in a child accident.

With this in mind, our Toledo child injury attorneys have mapped out the 5 steps that a parent should take in the event that their child is injured. Following the steps below will allow a parent to not only ensure that their child receives the medical treatment that they need, but also secure that they would receive fair compensation for their injuries.

Get Medical Treatment

As with any other injury accident, it is imperative to get medical treatment as soon as possible. Be sure to collect all necessary medical forms and doctor’s reports for later use in the claims process.

Do Not Rush the Settlement Process

When the insurance company begins to contact you, giving you the option to accept a certain amount of money in a quick settlement process, do not accept. The insurance company will attempt to rush to a settlement in order to save their money and prevent your child from receiving the full amount of compensation that is deserved.

Only Sign Forms Your Lawyer has Looked Over

Another way that the insurance company will try to reduce the value of your claim is to attempt to get you to sign forms allowing them access to your child’s personal information, such as medical history. If they succeed in gaining access, your child may not receive the full settlement that their injuries warrant.

Keep Records of Everything

Throughout the treatment and legal process, you should keep a record and document everything that is related to your child’s case. This includes medical records, police reports, physical evidence, and evidence of any psychological trauma. These documents will help your lawyer later on in the case.

Tell Your Lawyer Everything

You may think that a certain detail is insignificant and won’t affect your child’s settlement, but you could be wrong. The best way to ensure that your child will receive the settlement that they deserve is to be fully honest with your lawyer and tell them everything about the accident. If the insurance company presents information and your lawyer is not prepared to react to it, your child’s case could be in jeopardy. It is also very critical to document every step of your child’s injury. After each doctor’s appointment, keep all receipts, paperwork, and any related documents. Share these documents with your lawyer so they are able to utilize these while working on your behalf.

Benefit of An Experienced Attorney

If your child has been injured in an accident, call our lawyers. We can help you seek the compensation that is deserved for their injuries. We will work on your family’s behalf so you can focus on your child’s recovery knowing the legal side of things is being taken care of.

The statute of limitations for child injuries is not the same as personal injuries for adults. A claim can be filed for two years after the 18th birthday of child. Therefore, if your child was injured at age 5 or at age 17, you are still able to pursue an injury claim on their behalf until their 20th birthday.

If your child was injured and you would like to seek an injury claim on their behalf, the best thing to do is to call an experienced child accident lawyer.

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