Toledo Rear-End Car Accident Pretrial Conference

Preparing for trial means gathering all relevant evidence of a crash, drafting a proposal, meeting with opposing counsels and, if needed, preparing for trial. For the Toledo victim’s attorneys, this was nothing new. The Toledo rear-end car accident pretrial conference went smoothly because the victim had elected to retain the employ of attorneys familiar with the victim’s case. Much the same, if you feel as though an attorney could be of assistance getting you the compensation you need, then you need to contact an attorney who could do that.

The Pretrial Conference for the Toledo Case

In the client’s case, there was a Toledo rear-end car accident pretrial conference. The pretrial conference entailed scheduling conferences in which the court could ask the plaintiff’s representatives what the case was about and what the issues in the case were. The court would give respective sides scheduling dates, which would be deadlines to complete the depositions, to get the trial depositions done, to complete the mediation, and to schedule a final pretrial if the mediation was unsuccessful.

Insights Provided from the Pretrial Conference

The pretrial conferences provided some insights. Both parties spoke frankly to the judge as far as the various facts in the case. It was clear that the judge saw this is a substantial case and that the defense counsel understand that they had substantial risk in the case. That was helpful.

Communications Between the Defense and the Client’s Attorneys

Before the trial, there was a good deal of communication between the legal representative of the defendant and the plaintiff. That was the discussion where both sides agreed that mediation should be done. In this case, there was a local mediator appointed by Lucas County common police court. The team felt that this was a substantial enough case that a top-notch mediator was needed, and both teams agreed to choose a mediator from a different city.

That mediator had an excellent reputation. The parties split the cost of paying the mediator. Both teams agreed to set the case at mediation so they could discuss settling the case. Prior to the mediation, the victim’s attorneys sent a demand letter for the $2,000,000 policy limit to the trucking company. They also sent copies of all of their reports and a mediation statement. In addition to the reports, the victim’s team also included a ten to 15 minute video about the client, the client’s family, and the implications of the case.

At the mediation, which lasted several hours, the mediator talked to all the parties. Then the mediator went back and forth among the parties. Eventually, later in the day, the case settled for a number that was substantially higher than most of the jury verdicts in Ohio and was too good to turn down for the client.

How Successful the Settlement Discussion Were

The settlement discussions were ultimately successful. The victim’s team was able to get a number that the client was extremely happy with. It allowed the client to move back to their former home in Pennsylvania and help purchase a house there.

In addition, as part of the settlement, the client also had a worker’s compensation claim, and the team was able to negotiate with the lawyers for the police department. The victim’s team was able to settle the victim’s workers’ compensation claim for additional compensation. This allowed the victim to cash out their rights under Ohio’s workers’ compensation law. At the same time, the victim would give up their current employment. It allowed the city or township to replace the victim and hire an additional police officer. The client was able to settle their personal injury case and worker’s compensation case and go on with life by moving back to their hometown. This would not have been possible without a successful Toledo rear-end car accident pretrial conference.

Speak with an Attorney for a Confidential Case Evaluation

With all cases, there are critical moments that define how the rest of a claim might proceed and what the end result might look like. That moment for the Toledo client was the Toledo rear-end car accident pretrial conference. Because the victim had contacted an attorney, they were able to let an attorney draft a plan and gather all evidence necessary to produce a favorable outcome. If you feel as though you need the services of an attorney, you need to reach out to one. An attorney could review your case, consult experts, gather evidence, and prepare for trial. Do no let time pass, reach out today.


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