The Rules of Road: Client Spotlight with Janet Bielefeld

Yellow and green bike route road signs.

To say Janet and Jack Bielefeld are avid cyclists would be a major understatement. Though in their 70s, they put an average of 25-50 miles on their bicycles every week during the summer.

All of that changed on a beautiful afternoon in July 2020. The couple was enjoying a cycling trip in Southwest Ohio and had stopped at an intersection in Wayne County, Ohio. A driver waiting to turn at the intersection saw Jack cross within the marked crosswalk. She did not notice Janet close behind him.

The driver struck Janet in the intersection, causing compound fractures to both of her ankles. Janet was rushed to the emergency room where she underwent major surgery to repair her legs. She spent several days in the hospital.

After more than two weeks in a therapy facility and months of intensive physical therapy, Janet continues to deal with the consequences of this driver’s negligence.

Initially, the driver’s insurance company tried to claim Janet was responsible for the accident. That’s when Janet and Jack called on Boyk Law to help them.

Attorney Mike Bruno and the Boyk Law legal team fought tirelessly for Janet to receive fair compensation for the damages she suffered and were able to get the driver’s insurance company to reverse its position. Earlier this year, Janet was awarded the full amount we requested.

Mike says Jack and Janet meet and exceed the very definition of “active seniors,” and we hope to see them out on the trails very soon!

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