Springtime Means Watch for Motorcycles

Now that spring is here, and the weather is warmer, more motorcycles will be on the road. Drivers can practice motorcycle awareness by looking twice before making a turn, giving motorcyclists a full lane of traffic, and anticipating motorcyclists’ maneuvers as riders may need to swerve to avoid debris on the road or potholes.

One of our past cases involved a husband and wife on a motorcycle who were traveling at night on a state route in Liberty Township, Ohio. Moments before, on their same path of travel, a motorist drove off the roadway striking a utility pole, causing the pole to come crashing down and lay across the roadway. The pole was not visible as it remained on the dark road. Traveling at approximately 50 mph, our clients struck the downed pole and were violently ejected from the motorcycle.

Emergency services rushed to the scene and transported our clients to a nearby hospital. Our clients suffered extensive injuries and underwent significant treatment, including neck surgery. Our office pursued compensation from the driver that struck the utility pole, obtaining a recovery for our client equal to the policy limit.

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