Sandusky Apartment Complex Injury

As a tenant in an apartment complex in Sandusky, Ohio, you deserve to inhabit a place that is up-to-code and safe for yourself and for any visitors that you may have. If the owner of the apartment complex fails to ensure a safe apartment for you, and an accident resulting in injury occurs, there is a possibility that a lawsuit may be filed.

The apartment owners have the responsibility, by law, to keep the inside of the apartment safe, as well as the common grounds. If they do not do so, this may create a potential hazard for tenants, making it an inhabitable place to live. Common problems with apartment complexes that may cause injury include uneven and cracked sidewalks, unsafe steps, and unsteady handrails.

Contact an Attorney

If you have been involved in a slip and fall accident at an apartment complex and have suffered an injury as a result, contact our apartment injury lawyers. We can help you to receive damages for the injuries sustained, and also make sure that the apartment owner fixes all issues with the apartment complex.

If you do plan to pursue a case related to a Sandusky apartment complex injury, the most important thing to do is to take pictures of the hazard before the complex fixes the issue. If this danger is not documented, it can be more difficult to pursue damages.

We look forward to helping you reach the settlement you deserve for your slip and fall injuries.


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