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Update: Jurors Award $417 million to Talcum Powder plaintiff

Johnson & Johnson continues to pile up losses in court over litigation linking ovarian cancer to Talc Powder use. Last year, a jury awarded $72 million in damages in February, which was followed by a $55 million jury award in May and a $67 million decision in October. Late Thursday, May 4, 2017, the drug maker took its most damaging hit when a St. Louis jury ordered J&J to pay $110 to Lois Slemp who, like other plaintiffs, used Johnson’s Baby Power for decades and subsequently developed a deadly ovarian cancer.

Jurors heard evidence that J&J chose to put profits over people and spent millions in efforts to manipulate scientific scrutiny and regulatory oversight. More than 20 scientific studies have been conducted and have shown a link between the application of talcum powder to genitals and ovarian cancer. Internal records from J&J have been discovered and show that J&J has known about these dangers for decades, but intentionally decided not to disclose the dangers to consumers.

Dr. Daniel Cramer, a researcher and professor at Harvard Medical School, estimates that thousands of women get ovarian cancer from talcum use each year. Talc particles are found embedded in their ovaries, endometrium, and lymph nodes. According to the International Journal of Gynecological Cancer, frequent talcum powder use on the female genital area increases the risk of ovarian cancer more than 30%. The more often a woman uses it, the more likely she will experience ovarian cancer. You could file talc powder injury claims if you have developed ovarian cancer while using talcum powder.

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Such products include:

  • Johnson & Johnson’s Baby Powder
  • Shower to Shower by Valeant Pharmaceuticals
  • Baby Magic Baby Powder
  • Other Talc Powders that may be eligible for research

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