Liberty Center Nursing Home Abuse Lawyer

Unfortunately, nursing home abuse is a common occurrence despite federal and state laws that are designed to protect nursing home residents. If you believe your elderly loved one has suffered abuse or neglect in a nursing home, you may have legal options to seek justice for them in court.

Nursing homes have a legal obligation to protect their residents from abuse and neglect. With assistance from a Liberty Center nursing home lawyer, you may be able to sue the nursing home on behalf of your loved one if they are unable to pursue a lawsuit themselves. Call a seasoned personal injury attorney now to learn how they could help you and your family.

Examples of Abuse

Sadly, many nursing home residents may face one type of abuse or another while living in a residential facility. The most common forms of nursing home abuse in Liberty Center include:

  • Neglect in the form of medical malpractice, such as failure to provide medication, prevent bedsores, or provide a safe living environment
  • Emotional abuse, often through a staff member yelling at, degrading, or intentionally humiliating a resident
  • Sexual abuse, including violation of sexual consent laws, sexual assault, or other forms of sexual exploitation
  • Financial exploitation
  • Physical abuse, such as by striking a resident or intentionally withholding food or water

When a nursing home knowingly or negligently allows such abuse to occur, the facility owners and operators could be held legally and financially responsible for the harm that befalls their residents. A Liberty Center nursing home abuse lawyer could be a strong ally when it comes to fighting back against abusive nursing homes and assisted living facilities.

Elder Neglect

Neglect is often the most common form of nursing home abuse in the Liberty Center area. Nursing homes may have a legal and medical responsibility to ensure that residents receive proper care. This could mean the nursing home facility must provide adequate food, the appropriate medication, necessary medical treatment, and other care to ensure and protect a resident’s wellbeing. When a nursing home facility or its staff fails to provide reasonable and adequate care, that failure is a form of nursing home abuse.

Proving Abuse and Negligence

It may not be necessary for nursing home facility operators to know for certain that abuse is occurring in order for a victim’s family to hold them responsible in a lawsuit. If a nursing home’s owners and operators reasonably should have known that the abuser was occurring and did nothing to stop it, they could still be civilly liable.

However, it may be difficult to prove that a nursing home knew or should have known about abuse or neglect. This is in part due to individuals who have suffered nursing home abuse often being unable to speak up on their own behalf.

In fact, this is one reason that nursing home abuse is so prevalent—perpetrators of abuse know they can more easily pray on for nursing home residents as opposed to those who are in better health. Fortunately, an experienced Liberty Center nursing home abuse lawyer could help the families of victims use medical records, as well as other forms of evidence, to show the facility was negligent.

Get Help from a Liberty Center Nursing Home Abuse Attorney

Once a plaintiff’s family proves a nursing home negligently or knowingly allowed abuse or neglect to occur, they could file a lawsuit for financial compensation. Typically, the plaintiff’s families seek compensation on their loved one’s behalf for damages including medical costs, therapy bills, financial losses, and pain and suffering. If you are interested in seeking financial compensation for the harm your loved one suffered, call a Liberty Center nursing home abuse lawyer today.

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