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Every day, millions of United States citizens use prescription drugs and over-the-counter medications to manage their health. Consumers rely on these products to work as the drug manufacturer intends. However, when commercial drugs have unlisted or undisclosed side effects, the impacts can be severe.

Filing suit over a defective pharmaceutical product is complicated, which is why it is so important to retain a Holland dangerous drugs lawyer. Our experienced personal injury attorneys will help you understand the legal process and work tirelessly on your behalf to secure a favorable resolution.

When Is a Dangerous Drug Lawsuit Warranted?

The question of whether a drug is defective enough to warrant civil litigation is less straightforward than you might think. Pharmaceutical products are somewhat unpredictable by nature, and you cannot hold drug companies liable for every side effect.

However, a company may be liable if it fails to exercise due diligence when testing its product or fails to disclose side effects or contraindications that cause harm to consumers.

Of course, proving either of these scenarios based on the available evidence often requires a great deal of hard work and legal proficiency. Thankfully, that is what we are good at. Hiring a Holland attorney like us is critical for effectively pursuing compensation in a dangerous drug case.

Potential Damages in a Holland Unsafe Medication Claim

If you suffered harm due to an unsafe drug, a dedicated lawyer could help you seek restitution for your losses. Common damages in these types of cases include:

  • Medical expenses,
  • Loss of work wages,
  • Loss of enjoyment of life, and
  • Pain and suffering.

Additionally, punitive damages may be available in cases involving gross negligence or intentional misconduct. However, these damages would be limited to twice the amount of the compensatory damages you receive.

Mass Torts for Defective Drug Cases

While you have the option to pursue a dangerous drug claim individually, many cases against large pharmaceutical companies take the form of mass torts. A mass tort is often formed into a coordinated litigation involving many distinct plaintiffs who suffered harm from the same defective drug.

This type of civil action allows individuals with similar cases to work together and increase their odds of success. Talk to a lawyer about the potential benefits of joining a mass tort for your dangerous drug case.

Learn More from a Holland Dangerous Drug Attorney

From Actos to Zantac to everything in between, dangerous drugs have made plenty of headlines and justified many civil lawsuits over the years. However, you should think twice before trying to go up against a massive pharmaceutical corporation on your own. Without help from a knowledgeable legal professional, you are unlikely to succeed in your case.

A Holland dangerous drugs lawyer can offer guidance, support, and tenacious advocacy throughout every stage of the litigation process. Contact Charles E. Boyk Law Offices today to schedule a free consultation.

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