Fremont Swimming Pool Accident Lawyer

Every Ohio resident knows that the warm summer months are short-lived and strives to maximize the potential for outdoor activities during this time.  For many, this means spending time enjoying a swimming pool—whether it is a community pool, a friend’s pool or the pool in your own backyard.

Unfortunately, a fun summer day can quickly turn tragic when you or a loved one is injured in a swimming pool accident. While these accidents often cause injury to exuberant children, even the most cautious adult or strong swimmer can sustain injuries in a swimming pool accident.

Retaining a seasoned premises liability attorney could be key to recovering damages from a party responsible for maintaining or safeguarding a pool if that party failed to uphold that duty in a way that led to an injury. If you were injured in a pool-related incident, an experienced Fremont swimming pool accident lawyer could discuss your legal options with you.

Common Types of Swimming Pool Accidents

The most common type of swimming pool accident is a young child’s accidental drowning, which can result from negligent supervision or a poorly secured swimming pool. However, an experienced Fremont swimming pool accident attorney could help with a variety of different types of accidents, including:

  • Slip, trip, and fall accidents – pool decks and ladders can both be slippery, easily causing accidents for children and adults alike
  • Diving accidents – it can be dangerous to dive into shallow waters, and a diver striking a pool bottom head-first can cause serious brain and spine injuries, paralysis, or even death
  • Entrapment – this can occur when a swimmer’s hair or clothing becomes entangled in pool equipment or a pool toy, resulting in injury or drowning
  • Electrical Issues – an electrical problem with pool equipment could lead to serious injury for individuals who are in the pool at the time

Potentially Liable Parties

Owners of pools generally have certain safety-related duties whether the pool is open to the public or is located on private property. Regardless of whether a pool is public or private, Ohio law requires that a fence that is at least four feet tall and surrounds the pool, typically with gaps no larger than four inches.

Additionally, the gate generally needs to be self-closing and self-latching and must be out of reach of small children. If a swimming pool accident occurs, a swimming pool accident lawyer in Fremont could evaluate whether damages may be recovered from one or more parties based on a violation of these or other regulations.

Even if the injured party was an invited guest on their property, the owner of a swimming pool has a duty to maintain their pool in a non-negligent manner. Failure to mark a pool’s depth or take reasonable precautions to avoid overly slippery surfaces could possibly support a negligence claim.

Likewise, if pool equipment itself was faulty, the product manufacturer could be held liable for damages sustained as a result of the injury. If a community pool operated by the local government was negligently maintained, it might be possible to recover compensation from the city or town itself.

Speak with a Fremont Swimming Pool Accident Attorney Today

Each swimming pool owner owes a duty of care to act reasonably and responsibly in maintaining the pool. If the owner’s negligence caused your accident, and that accident resulted in injury, you may be entitled to recover damages under Ohio law.

An experienced Fremont swimming pool accident lawyer could provide valuable guidance on your right to recover compensatory damages for injuries sustained in—or wrongful death caused by—a swimming pool accident. Call today to get started on your case.


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